Friday, June 18, 2010

Haul (:

As I said in my previous post, I went to the mall today with my mommy (yes my mommy!) and my sister. I bought lots of stuff, and my mom bought me some more stuff(:
So I will attach photos of everything and their prices and where I (and my mom) purchased them at.

Victoria Secrets - originally $35.00, on sale for $19.99 and it was my dads birthday this month and they sent him a $10 card for his birthday (because he buys my mom and I stuff from there) and with that they were $10.00. I literally could live in their boyfriend sweatpants. I love them, they are so comfy. And not to mention super cute.

New York and Company- $15.00
I like these and they are 'boyfriend style' they are just shorts for summer(: I hate my legs though, I don't like my thighs so I don't like to wear shorts but, it is just too hot here!

WalMart- $ I don't know. Glamour is my favorite magazine so I always buy it. I just felt like including it in this haul post of mine. I wish it was like the UK Glamour which is giving away full size Benefit products! Oooh jealousy...

Bath and BodyWorks- $1.87 each normally $7.50 each
I LOVE THESE! They were 75% off and I bought five! As you can see the Ultra Mentha Lip Shine is my fave (darker green), I bought the Mentha Lip Shine (lighter green), and the Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint. I had to stock up, they are NEVER this cheap! They are the best lip glosses E V E R !

WalMart- $1.72
Target has these too. I like the formula, depending on the color you have to do 2 coats or so. I will do a review and picture whenever I do my nails with this color. Oh and this color is Midtown.

Bath and Bodyworks- Buy 3 signature scents get 3. This was $12.00
It is one of the sprays in PS I Love You, I love this spray! It smells so yummy.

Bath and BodyWorks - any 3 signature scents, get 3. (My mom got 4 things and I got 2). This is Cherry Blossom. It is $10.50.

Bath and BodyWorks- 7 of the wallflowers and scents for $20
This is for my bedroom and I got Sleepy Lavender. I didn't get 7 of these my mom and I both got some of them for rooms in the house(:

Bath and BodyWorks - 7 of these things and scents for $20
I got this for my bathroom and the scent is Pomegranate Lemonade

WalMart - $7.00
This is from the Hard Candy line and it is a blush in the color 'Living Doll'. Pretty color, I will do a review on this and the other thing I bought after I use them for a bit.

It is from the Hard Candy line as well and is in the color Bombshell. I like it, and supposedly it is a 'blush' it is wayyyy too dark to be a blush, so I'm going to use it for a bronzer. (I'll do a review). By the way this picture is from the website (my picture wasn't very good..)


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    I love looking at haul videos..those vicky sweatpants look so comfy..I might have to pick up a pair =)


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