Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog Problems!

Hello fashionistas(:
For the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to click on anything on my blog, nothing! I've had my dad re-load the router and that didn't work. I called my bestie Lily to see if she could click on my posts and such and she could but, for some reason I can't! So I haven't been able to comment back and forth to you guys (I'm sorry!). I just wanted to thank all of your for your sweet comments and for following me. THANK YOU!
Do any of you happen to know how to fix this problem? It's starting to REALLY bother me!

I'm about to post an OOTD, so check that out in a few(:

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  1. I read a warning that they were reorganizing their picture upload yesterday, but actually, I also had a lot of troubles with posting the last couple of days, I decided that it's all under cinstruction

  2. ooops, construction, sorry for a typo

  3. Do you happen to be using Firefox? I was just viewing your Blog/this post on Firefox and was going to offer a suggestion as to why you might be experiencing this problem... then it happened to me! I couldn't click on 'Post a comment' and nothing else on your Blog either.

    I just opened this page up in Internet Explorer and it worked fine.

  4. @Renee- I saw the warning too but, this has been happenning for two weeks or so.

    @Chrystal- I normally use Safari, but I switched to Firefox to see if it would work on there and it did for a second but then the page completely loaded. It does work on Internet Explorer, that's what I'm using now to comment back(:


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