Sunday, October 31, 2010

Short and Sweet- Sunday

Morning (or afternoon) fashionistas,

I really love how Zoella does her 'Someday Summary' of the days, would it be a total knock-off if I do Short and Sweet summaries of my days?
Let me know if the comments what you think!


I'm not a huge fan of Halloween (hence the lack of Halloween related posts).
It's scary and in my opinion a bit strange.
Who thought up of this crazy idea of going around to random people's houses asking for candy?
When you think of it like that, doesn't it seems odd?
Maybe it's just me.

I've had an uneventful, lazy Sunday. I woke up ate some breakfast, and now I'm watching a movie with my sister and my mom. My best friend and her family just stopped on by to drop off a 'care package' for my sister. Her family is so sweet. Also my mom's best friend's mother in law (wheeewww what a mouthful) dropped off a pumpkin pie. I do love pumpkin!

Some delicious fru-fru coffee I made this morning. (:

I'm thinking of doing my favorites for this month later today. I tried to do swatches of my ELF order, but it just wasn't working. So I'm just going to do a separate post of what I bought, minus the swatches.

Al-righty I'm going to go and takes some pictures for my favorites posts. Be on the lookout for that either today or tomorrow.



PS: My giveaway ends tomorrow night so wander on over there and enter!

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