Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Poll/Rant/Ramble/Update

Hello fashionistas!
I have had such a crazy busy day! I had geometry homework, a geometry study guide (I did all but 6 or so problems), I had to finish up a biology drawing of the heart, and I had a government test to study for! A lot, I know!
Before I do my post can I just do a little rant?
I think I can and I will.

Due to the cold weather my school won't let anyone sit outside at lunch (reasonable, yes) so the cafeteria has been PACKED with people and our usual table of 10 or so people has doubled! To avoid the masses our group was going to sit in the library. We walk down there get in and the lady there said we had to have a pass. Not knowing what this pass was we asked and we trudged back to the cafeteria; when we got there half of my group sat down and the others (myself included) stood around because there was no room at our table. So I said "later guys I'm going to go eat in my pottery class" (my pottery teacher lets her students if they want to, and she likes me so yeah). So I walk out of the cafeteria and another lady was like "where are you going" and I told her "the pottery room". Then she continues to ask why I'm going there and yell at me about some stupid pass, this lady was starting to make me upset. I just wanted to have a place to eat, I wasn't skipping class, it was my designated lunch time and there was no place to sit. So long story short (I know you're think short, what is she talking about?!) I went to the pottery room ate my lunch and that was that. Now I have a pass so if the lady ever asks again I can just show it to her and be done with it.

So I'm not sure if any of this made sense but, I had to get it out.
Normally I do these little polls on Monday but I knew that I would be SUPER bogged down with homework so I decided to save it for today.

1. Mood: Stressed. I'm worried about my government test that I have tomorrow and my geometry one on Thursday.
2. Three winter beauty essentials you can’t live without?
Moisturizer, lipgloss, and a light bronzer.
3. Red lips: matte or glossy?
4. One of your life goals? To visit France.
5. When it comes to holiday entertaining, would you rather be the host or the guest? Guest.
6. If you were a dessert, what would you be? These things my mom makes called "Nighty-nights" they're made with marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips. So delicious.
7. Have you finished your holiday shopping? Everyone but my mom.
8. Your favorite meal of the day? I guess lunch.
9. What sounds do you hear right at this very moment? Nothing except my typing.
10. Weekly goals: To do well on my government test and my geometry test. To not get annoyed over little things. Oh and to remember to BREATHE! Just kidding(:

How has your Tuesday been? Hope it's been less stressful then mine has!
Let me know if you do the poll and thanks for listening to me rant and rave!
All I can say is I can't wait for this week to be over with! After this week is over then winter break is here! Woo-hoo!

Here's a little Colby picture of him chomping on a bone. He's so cute!



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