Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jewel Bib Necklace Outfit of the Day & Eye Makeup of the Day

Hey fashionistas!
I have an outfit of the day for you all!
I wore this on Tuesday to school.

Blazer: Kohls
Shirt: Forever 21
Tank top: Kohls
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: Payless

I had my mom use hot rollers on my hair and it made is super voluminous, sadly it fell due to the humidity here by fourth/fifth period. I did it again today and it fell by third period.
I know those of you who are experiencing blizzards right now are probably laughing/super jealous of the humidity but, I wish it was cooler here! Okay, not blizzard cool but, I wish it was like chilly. The high today was 76 F.

Here's my eye makeup that I've been wearing almost the entire month, sorry for the crap phone picture. Seriously, sorry!

Um yeah, I took this while I still had the rollers in my hair!

I used Satin Taupe all over my lid with Twinks in the outer corner, with Hustle (from the UD Naked palette) in my crease, and Sin (from the UD Naked palette) in my inner corner, and Virgin (again from the UD Naked palette) as a highlight.
NYC liquid liner.
Maybelline Colossal Lash mascara and 1-2-3 Volume mascara by Rimmel.
Oh and in my brows I've been using Naked from the Naked palette to fill in the sparse areas.

If you don't have Twinks then this look doesn't have to have it, I just feel like it adds a bit more depth to my outer corner area.

Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love!




  1. ahh your hair is amazing! too bad it fell, but better from humidity than freezing rain and snow falling on your head haha (i know, we all want the weather we can't have, like you said..) so last night I just had to go online and place a Forever21 order after seeing your post! I got that heart bracelet too, it's so cute! I got some other jewlery too and a dress :) thanks for the inspiration lol!

  2. Ok I heart the hair...super FAB!! Loving the bib necklace too. I wish your pics were larger so that I could see your cute face and outfits better! btw - how old are you? I notice you talking about going to class...

  3. wow you look hott your hair is amazing !!

  4. @ Jennifer- Glad I could spread the forever 21 love! And thank you!

    @ From the Rez to the City- Thanks, I'm 15. I wish the pictures were bigger but, they're phone pictures because I broke my camera's memory card and I haven't bought a replacement. And when I try to make the pictures bigger it distorts the image.

    @ Curves ahead makeup - Thank you! (:

    @ *Starsglittermagic* Thanks girly!


  5. 15!! WOW!! Oh my word sweetie you have got a very special gift to be so fashion savy at such a young age. I am totally your biggest fan now!!

  6. Love your makeup in these pics! I just ordered the Naked Palette the other day so I am can't wait to get it and try this out!

  7. You look lovely! :)

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  9. @ Rez- Girly, you have no idea how much your comment touched me! It literally made my day! Thank you so much!♥♥

    @ Steph- Thanks ! (:

    @ Barbie- Thank you!

    @ Sareezfashions Thanks!


  10. @ Kim- you'll love the Naked palette, it's my current obsession! Thanks!



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