Thursday, April 7, 2011

Smiles All Around- OOTD

Hey fashionistas,
I have just a little outfit of the day that I wore almost 2 weeks ago..
Wow, I'm slackin'!

Tank top: Kohls
Sweater: New York and Company
Jeans: GV
Shoes: Nine West
Watch: Avenue (I finally remembered where I got this! It was on a mannequin when I walked by the store a year or two ago and I had to have it!)

I remember my hair was just straight and boring that day, so I braided a piece over and felt very Lauren Conrad-ish all day!

That's all for now!

Lot's of love!




  1. I love how your hair looks!And the shoes are awesome.Great outfit Savannah!
    Happy rest of the week!

  2. Beautiful as always! I am so in love with your hair! I am going to go to New York & Co. to get that cardi. I love it and gray goes with so many things! I love the shoes and I so would have went in to get that watch too...CA-YOOT!! lol
    Besos, Kiah

  3. Great classic casual look, you can never go wrong. And your hair is so pretty :)

  4. really cute sweater! thanks for the comment


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