Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ins and Outs #4

Hello fashionistas!
I'm sorry I didn't post much (ahem.. cough cough, hardly at all) while on vacation!
We got back last night, home sweet home. I'm going to do a post on my trip to North Carolina during the week. 
I've missed you guys!
Anyways, onto my ins and outs.


1.)  Polyvore! I am so obsessed with Polyvore, it's every fashionista's dream. You can find me on there as glamgirlS2014.

2.) While on vacation I read so much! I love reading, I read so much that my mom says she can hardly keep books in the house! I started a 600 something page book 2 days ago and I'm already halfway through it!

3.)  This a random in, but I'm addicted to Nature Valley Granola Thins! They're delicious and only 80 calories. It's like a smore sans the marshmallow.

4.) David Cook's new CD This Loud Morning. Love this CD! My favorites are Paper Heart,  Fade Into Me, The Last GoodBye, and We Believe. 


1.) Heat! I live in Florida and it is hotter than the blazes here! I just wish it would cool down for a bit, sadly I can't control the weather. 

2.) Road trips. I actually really like road trips, I'm just road-tripped out! We drove to and from North Carolina and I'm a little over the car right now. Colby (the 85 pound yellow lab who's been on here a few times) slept on my lap almost the entire way there and back!
 Granted he is adorable... 
He had anti-naseau/sleeping medicine so he would be good on the ride. Needless to say, this was not the comfiest! 

I don't really have anymore outs, so they're shorter than normal! 

I'll be back to posting regularly this week. 
Lots of love!




  1. we've missed you more girl! what a cute dog haha, I am so going to try those granola thins looking forward to more posts!:P


  2. I saw those granola thins at Costco last night and really thought about getting them. Thanks for letting me know that they are delish! Look at your cute dog! Awe! Glad you are back dear~! Kiah


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