Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Sophomore Year Outfit

Hey fashionistas!
Today marked the first day of my sophomore year. I thought you had to see my outfit! 
Normally I obsess over what to wear for the first day, but I literally picked this out at like 6 pm last night! 
Lily came over this morning so I could do her makeup, it's sort of a tradition (that we started last year) to go to school together on the first day. Getting ready with her was the BEST part of my day. 

Dress: Target Shoes: Bealls Earrings: F21 Nails: Pure Ice 'Fast Lane'

Here's a little face picture for you all! Ha, sent this to one of the besties this morning.

My day wasn't 'bad', it just wasn't 'good'. 
I have ZERO classes with Ethan, one with Lily, and 2 with Mel. I know, I know, I'll make new friends, but sometimes I just don't want new friends! I love my friends and just want to be with them! Pathetic? Yeah.. 
I have basically no one I'm good friends with in my chemistry class, which stinks because of all the labs we'll be doing in that class. My history class seems intense, apparently on Friday there is a report. Tomorrow I have an english quiz on the summer reading (which was horrible).
 Hopefully I do well, first grade, I have to make it count!
 My english class is a college class, so is my pottery class (AP 3D). 

I have to go make a collage for my algebra 2 class about myself, so I'm off to go to do that.
Wish me some luck that things get better and my besties and I get to see each other in school!

Love you guys!



PS: Do you guys like the haircut? I got it done last Tuesday, I wanted to show you guys sooner, but I wanted a proper fashion post to do it with! ♥


  1. i LOVE your hair shorter!!! it really really suits you. wish i had to guts to go for a chop like that. my hair is getting so long at the moment it needs a cut i just cant decide what to do with it!xx

  2. You look amazing....CONGRATS ON THE FIRST DAY!!!

  3. OMG don't y'all look cute! I love your dress and your hair is so pretty!! Don't cut any more know I am secretly obsessed with your hair!! lol I am sure you will make new friends and can't you see the rest of the "crew" at lunch? Good luck on your 1st quiz sweetie! Kiah

  4. ohh very nice i like white dress...

  5. omg, i love your haircut! it's so chic. and about your classes, hopefully this will just be the beginning of a bunch of new friendships. good luck! :)

  6. Cute hair! And the school year will get better! Those first weeks always are crappy.

  7. Girl I love you. I also love how you're freaking out and its only the first week. But I get to hear about it French and it makes my day better.
    And btdubs, seeing as (according to you) I am obsessed with everything related to you, I want pieces of your hair, child.

  8. Your hair looks great! And the first day is always tough, but you will get through it :) Sophomore year is way better than Freshman year!

  9. Perfect choice for the first day, I bet you were glowing. I love those sandals too :)



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