Friday, August 26, 2011

Stripes and Blazer

Hello fashionistas!
Once again I have an outfit of the day for you all. IT was POURING outside, so the pictures were taken inside my house. Sorry they aren't very good!

Top: from my Nana (thanks Nan!) Blazer: Kohls Jeans: GV Shoes: Payless Earrings and cocktail ring: Forever21 Headband: Claire's

This was probably my favorite outfit I wore all week, it was simple but chic. I felt like a little Blair Waldorf (adore her, adore the show, adore Leighton Meester)! This outfit was literally chosen 5 minutes before I walked out the door.  

Apparently one of the new school rules are that we aren't allowed to wear headbands (SO STUPID). So at lunch I had to take it off, which took away some of the Blair Waldorf effect, such a bummer. 
I used to wear these shoes a lot last year and I hadn't worn them in quite awhile, when I wore them today they gave me mammoth blisters on my heels! So painful. 

I'm super happy that it's Friday. I barely have any homework (4 world history questions to answer), but that's it. Lots of fun stuff planned for this weekend, can't wait! 

Have a fabulous (or 'faboo') weekend!




  1. wow so beautiful .. i like your hair style ...

  2. I am so getting that Blair Waldorf feel, you look great![= stripes, bows, and jeans = chic


  3. I like this look. I see a lot of fashion bloggers are doing the striped shirt. I bought one from ON. This is such a cute look.

  4. Stripes!!!!!!!!!! And i love it with the blazer! =)

  5. cute blazer and mix of stripes, supa cute

  6. Thank you for commenting on my blog~
    You look so cute and put together! I love this outfit!~


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