Monday, December 26, 2011

Makeup Collection & Storage

Hello fashionistas!
I'm pre-writing this post because when you're reading it I will be out of town. A short trip, 2 days, to see my mom's extended family and their families. 

I decided it would be a perfect time to do my makeup storage/collection. 
My makeup collection is always growing and I imagine after Christmas it will have grown more, but as of now the 21st of December, this is how it is. 

I searched and searched for a desk that would provide me with a surplus amount of storage and room on top for my makeup mirror. I finally found this desk on Amazon. It was made for me! 
The drawers are very deep and there are four of them which allows me to store all of my makeup in!

In my bottom drawer I hold my bigger palettes and I also hold extra school supplies (not pictured). 

In the third from the bottom I hold all of my face products. I'm kind of a big concealer junkie, as if you can't tell that from this picture! The weird thing sticking straight up with brown bristles is a translucent setting powder with a brush on top. The moisturizer in here is just in case I need a bit more so I don't have to go into my bathroom. This one is almost empty. 

This is in the same drawer. I hold all my bronzers and blushers in here. I also hold a few backups of bronzers in here. 

In the next drawer I hold all of my eyeshadows in it. This box has all of my neutrals. My beloved Naked palette, MAC Melon pigment, and Stila's Kitten are my favorites. In the elf elements compact I hold my MAC pan eyeshadows. 

This box holds all of my colorful eyeshadows. I'm a big fan of purple shadows.

My top drawer holds primers, eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, and lipglosses.

For my birthday I got these two boxes decorated with shoes and rhinestones. I thought they would be perfect to store my lip products. I'm thinking of doing a lipstick swatch post. 

I'm a crazy lipgloss addict. This box is pretty deep, these lipglosses are stacked upon each other! My personal favorite lipgloss brand is CO. Bigelow. Although I recently purchased Covergirl's Wetslicks lipgloss in 'Red Riot'. I love the subtle red color it gives. 
I also store the few lipliners I have in the box. They wouldn't fit in my lipstick box. The Stila liners are great!

I keep all of my brushes in a pencil/pen divider that I bought when I bought my school supplies. I have my face brushes in one section, eye brushes in another, and defining tools/lip brushes/eyebrow spoolies in the other. I have to stick some face brushes in the eye sections because they are so big. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my makeup collection. I'm thinking I'll definitely be swatching my lipsticks for you. They are the latest thing that I've gotten into.

Lots of love!




  1. awesome storage!! Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  2. I love how it's all organized! I enjoyed reading this :) I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

    xo, gina

  3. you have a nice range of make up X

  4. thx for sharing~ i love knowing new storage ideas - esp on makeup stash :P

  5. Great post! These are one of my top favorites to see...Don't know why but they are! =)

  6. woooo!

    I love your collection great organization :D


  7. nice collection you have there! I've been trying to cut back lately on my makeup habit hehe


  8. I love the idea of putting the make up in those cute boxes!!


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