Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mini Haul - Gap

Hello fashionistas!
Yesterday I had my dentist appointment for "pre-cavity treatment" and it took almost two hours; the dentist was behind schedule. I've never had any work done before yesterday and I was shocked when they put a giant needle in my mouth not once, but twice! It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but once it was numbed I didn't feel a thing. 

Anyways, after the dentist my mom and I went over to the mall and met two of her good friends. 
I had to do Christmas shopping for my mom, sister, and dad. I accomplished it all, I also finished my two best friend's presents. Very excited to give everyone their gifts! 

I couldn't help going to the mall and buying myself a little something.. 
I was in Gap and found a really cute top, a long sleeve shirt, and some pajama pants (or jim jams as my best friend and I call them)!

I purposely bought this shirt a size too big so that when I wear it it will look drape-y. I'm thinking about wearing this on Christmas day..

Strange theme in this haul is my two dusky pink shirts. Whenever I go shopping I always seem to buy multiple things in the same color. Does anyone else do that?!

Gap was having an additional 40% off of what was already on sale. I didn't know this until I checked out, I had about $50 dollars worth of stuff (I bought presents for my dad and sister) and when I checked out the woman said "30 dollars" and some odd cents. I was shocked! Then I came back with my mom and she shopped a bit more.

You all should definitely go check out Gap right now! 

While taking pictures for this blog post I realized that I grabbed an small in the pajama pants instead of a large ( I like my jim jams roomy); so sometime next week I'm going to have to go exchange them. 

I'm off for a cousin's weekend at Nana's house. Have a lovely weekend!




  1. Nice finds! It has always been a tradition for me to go to the mall after the dentist haha! And now that I think of it, when I shop I do tend to buy things of the same color. Never noticed!

    Have a good weekend!

    xo, gina

  2. Don't you just LOVE sales! YAY for sales!! lol I have totally grabbed the wrong size before and it is very inconvenient! Kiah


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