Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pearls and Pink

Hello fashionistas!
Another one of my outfit of the days. I love sharing these with you all.
Sorry for my hair in these photos. Due to where I part my bangs they kind of poofed up when I brushed them back and my part must have not stayed evenly together in the back. Oh well. 

I woke up craving to wear a headband. I go through phases where I want to wear headbands 24/7 and then I just stop. I think the headband phase is back on. 

Simple, soft makeup. Pale brown eye makeup and a pink lipstick with a clear gloss over it. Glowing pink cheeks and I was ready to go. 

Top: Gap Blazer: Kohl's Jeans and Bracelet: Belk Shoes: Target Earrings: F21 Headband: Ross

Again, apologies for the pictures. For some reason it blurred, but this was the only full length one I had. 
I wanted to wear this dusty pink, beaded top to school. I paired it with my trusty black blazer, trouser jeans, and a black heels. Accessorized with my favorite silver bracelet and silver studs. 

See the bracelet? It's probably one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, next to my Tiffany's necklace! It's such a simple piece, but I like the contrast between the swirls and sleek silver. 

Lots of love!




  1. I love this look and that headband is so cutee! & I totally go through the same with headbands !


  2. Those pearls are so elegant! I love it :)


  3. Love that blazer and that headband.I have one like that but my bow is gold. Love pearls they always mae me feel so lady-like :) BTW please become a subscriber of my Blog Thanks so much! You look great!

  4. Adorable!! totally loving ur pearl headband

  5. Cute outfit! And great idea with the pearl headband :) :)


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