Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Outfit and Makeup of the Yesterday.

Hello fashionistas!
Over the weekend I tanned so much that I got a bit burnt. 
My legs never tan so I neglected to SPF them up and well never say never because my legs got burnt. #Painful. Anyways, I couldn't put pants on my legs (hello double the pain) so I went for this super soft dress. 
I wore this little get-up to school on Monday. 

Dress: ? Borrowed it from my mom Blazer: New York and Co. Shoes: Aerosoles Tank-top, headband, and earrings: Forever 21 

This dress is insanely comfortable. I like that it can be dressed down by wearing it over a bathing suit and dressed up with a blazer. I think the ability to be transformed into multiple outfits makes a piece of clothing a good buy. Next time I'm going to belt this because it is sort of big on me. 

With my new tan I was in the mood for a beachy hair-do. The first thing I did was spritz my  hair down with hairspray for a bit of texture. Then I took my bangs and braided them back in different sized braids, tied with clear elastics. I decided to do more braids throughout my hair and just made them in different sizes because I wanted it to look casual. Afterwards I put some pomade throughout my hair for more texture, slipped my hair into its mini ponytail, and finally added my sassy cheetah headband. 
I feel like I achieved the beach-y hair that I wanted!  

I woke up and decided that I needed to do a pop of color with my makeup. 
I'm all about pops of color (in case you all haven't already noticed)!
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Here are all the products I used on my eyes: 
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
Urban Decay Spotlight all over
Urban Decay Naked in my crease and in my brows
Urban Decay Haight as liner
Urban Decay Skimp as highlight 
Covergirl Lashblast mascara 

I got my english essay back and I got a 100%. Super exciting, mostly because she doesn't normally give out hundreds. That's about the only highlight of today. The rest of the day was mediocre. 
I seriously feel like this week has been dragging by. It's only Tuesday! All I want is it to be Friday. 




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