Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ins and Outs #12

Hello fashionistas!
I haven't done an ins and outs post in almost 2 months, so I thought it was due time for another one.


1.) I'm absolutely in love with all of Ingrid Michaelson's music. Especially her song Keep Breathing. I feel like this song is my life.  
Listen to it! 

2.) I'm really into polka dots right now. I've purchased tops and dresses with them on it. I really want a tote bag with them on it... Will have to find one!

3.) I'm absolutely obsessed with the Nars' Orgasm Illuminator deluxe sample I got at Sephora.

 I now need to buy the full sized one, which you can purchase here. 

4.) My best friend showed me this sweet website full of funny/some serious articles and I love reading it every day. It's called Thought Catalog and some of the stuff is hysterical. You all need to check it out.

5.) I'm totally obsessed with Gossip Girl right now. 
Seriously, I can't believe Chuck's dad is alive. Plot twist much? Also, just read online that there will only be one more season! It's basically my favorite show. 


1.) I'm so tired of school, summer is so close and these last 2 and 1/2 weeks are dragging by! I have 3 more AICE exams (well AICE and pre-AICE) and then I only have to go in for my french, algebra 2, and chemistry exams. Then I'm finished, woooo!

2.) Can I also lament about how the weekends fly by? Yeah, they do. The week takes forever to end and the weekends like to breeze right past me in the blink of an eye. 

What are your latest ins and outs?

Alright, I'm off to go do some laundry and homework.
Loads of love!




  1. I've been loving polka dots A LOT lately too!

  2. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL! I had never watched it before and then I saw it on netflix and watched 4 seasons in less then three weeks! I'm obsessed!!! It's so good!! I loved watching it all the way through though. The season when Serena admits she kills someone is wayyyy better that way! It's so anit-climatic week to week!

  3. Keep Breathing is one of my favorite Ingrid Michaelson songs. The lyrics are so good! And I TOTALLY remember how terrible that entire last month of school was- at least the weather is turning nice again and it feels more like summer outside. Love these posts that you do. :)


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