Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunset Boulevard- Makeup of the Day

Hello fashionistas!
Today I did a sunset inspired makeup and remembered to take pictures to share with you all. 
I used my new Too Faced Summer Eye palette for some of this. Overall, I definitely like the Romantic Eye palette better. I think the quality of the shadows is better, some of the Summer Eye shades aren't as pigmented/become muddy when you blend. 

Here are the products I used on my eyes.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Melon pigment all over
Too Faced Summer Eye palette's Coral Crush in my outer corner/crease
Urban Decay Naked 2 Half Baked in the center/blended into the Coral Crush 
Urban Decay Bootycall as my highlight
Too Faced Summer Eye palette's Toasted Coconut as my eyeliner
Covergirl Lashblast mascara top and bottom
Urban Decay Naked to fill in my eyebrows a  bit

Full face shot. I used my favorite blusher ever, Nars' Orgasm. I am sporting a nice all over tan because of the recent beach trips I've taken! I went Sunday morning/afternoon with the boyfriend and again with him yesterday after school. It was really fun. Anyways, that's the whole reason I'm tan again. 

To keep with the sunset theme I put on Kate Moss' Rimmel London #12 lipstick with Palladio Herbal Liplicious lipgloss in Apricot over it to tone down the the coral. 

Today I took my first AICE english paper and it went relatively well. I definitely passed it. 
Tomorrow is pre-AICE history and this doesn't count for college credit. Should do okay on it. 
I'm off to study with my best friend. After that we're going out to dinner. 

Have a fabulous day!




  1. i need coral crush and that lip shade!

  2. Gorgeous look, Savannah! I am IN LOVE with that lip color and I wear it a lot too! I also need to try an eye look like this soon because it is so in right now. Very beautiful. :) Good luck with all of your exams, hon! <3 Angie

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the lip color as well as the coral shade on your eyes, absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing :)


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