Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello fashionistas!
The title of this post is a bit of a fib seen as tomorrow is Memorial Day, so it will technically still be the weekend! I actually only snapped pictures today, I was too busy living up my Saturday to stop and take pictures! On Saturday the boyfriend came over and we went to the pool for a few hours and then that night I went and babysat. I had so much! Today, my mom, sister, and I went down to Daytona to watch my dad race at Daytona Speedway. Here are just a few funny snaps from our day. The weather was gross because we have a tropical storm going on, so it was raining off and on all day (and it is pouring now). 

The sister and I huddled up in the pits. It started pouring out of nowhere! 

Mom also snuggled up in a jacket to block out the rain being swept in from the wind! 
I thought she looked so adorable in the hood, too precious!

I slipped my jacket on the wrong way so I could cover up my bag canvas bag. Didn't want the new Hilfiger to get soaked! 

After driving up the scenic route, we stopped for a late lunch and then ice cream. My sister and I love this one little beach ice cream place called Sally's. It's about 45 minutes from our house, so whenever we go we love it! As you can tell our ice cream started melting really quickly. 

While eating our ice cream I zoomed in on my phone and snapped a picture of the crazy tropical storms waves crashing on the beach. 

I've had such a great weekend with my family and friends. Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! I have some homework to wrap up tomorrow and I think the boyfriend and I are getting together. Happy almost Memorial Day.

What did you all do over the weekend? Was it lazy or super busy?





    You and your family are beautiful! Glad you had fun hun!!

  2. Sounds amazing, except for the weather x


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