Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post from Lonnaliz: Summer Brights

 Hello Lovelies,

I'm Alonna from my style blog, Lonnaliz. guest bloggin' it up for Savannah while she's on vacation!
I'm going to share with you guys a fun summery outfit. One of my personal favorites, really.

Top:Urban Outfitters Tank Top:Gap Shorts:Gap Sandals:Gap
Didn't realize I'm all gap'd out. They should sponsor me...

This chiffon-y bright yellow top is legitimately one of my favorite things I've bought. Chiffon is so breatheable, which is amazing. It helps me cope with the ridiculously hot Florida summer. The sleeve/underarm/midriff detail flowy things are the best thing about this.
I feel like this is the epitome of summer. Sandals. Brights. White shorts.
Also, just an FYI, Savannah, this outfit was tailor made for you. I woke up at 10am, put on an outfit, and hosted a special tailor made photoshoot. My mother thought I was crazy. I never wake up before 2pm when I don't have anywhere to go. Being fully dressed and waking 4 hours prior to what's normal was a bit too much for my mother. I didn't even go anywhere. But it was nice being dressed, so I sat around my house in bright and exciting clothes.

Am I the only one who does crazy things for the world of fashion bloggers?
Enjoy your day everyone .

A similar outfit has been previously been seen  here.

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