Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've Given Into Social Media Pressure.. Plus More!

Okay, the title sounds more serious than this post is!

I just wanted to tell you fashionistas that I have f i n a l l y gotten around to making a Facebook page for my site! I would really love (like.. yes, pun intended) if you all would 'like' my page. Click here to see the page. 

I also have a Pinterest account, so you guys can follow me on there by clicking here. I'm literally a pinning addict. 

You can also tweet me at glamgirl2014 on Twitter. I love talking with all of you on there! 

Last but not least, you can contact me via email at
When I receive emails from you all it makes my day! 

On a random note, I got this shirt while I was at JCP the other day. 

I decided that i like the tie underneath the bust more than on the hips, it defines my waist a lot more! 
It was only $10. Super inexpensive and it comes in a pink color and darker blue. You can find it here

Oh, last thing, is anyone else super excited for season 10 of Project Runway? 

I've missed Michael Kors' sassy quips, Heidi's fabulous style, and hearing Tim say "make it work!"
Okay, I'm off to go watch, are any of you? 




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