Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation Pictures

Hello fashionistas!
I promised a few days ago that I would post some of my vacation photos for you all to see, so here they are. 
We went to Michigan for over 2 weeks and rented a cottage on a beautiful spring-fed lake. My best friend came up for the first week.

Lily and I just hanging out at the lake. 

We took a ferry over to Mackinac Island. Super fun!

My dad and I at lunch on Mackinac. 

Lily and I got to rent a tandem bike (our dream) and we biked the 8 miles around the island. It was a beautiful ride. We basically split up from my family for the entire day! 

No cars are allowed on the island, there are literally thousands of bikes! 

My dad and Lily.

My dog Colby. 

Lily and my sister on the ferry ride back to Mackinac. 
Both rocking newly purchased Mackinac swag.. (: 

The Grand Hotel, it's extremely fancy. You literally are not allowed to walk past it unless you're dressed up. 

We asked the captain of the boat if he'd let us get a picture in the boat! 

Mom, Colby, and I. 

This giant swan statue has been in the town we stay at for ages, so we had to climb up and get a picture with it!

Colby spent HOURS floating in inner tubes. We're pretty much convinced that he's a human.. Well, he's positive about it. 

Yep, another human shot of the dog, wearing a life jacket. Seriously, how cute is he? The cutest.

Mom and I went to Charlevoix one morning. 

Mom and daughter selfies. I love her!

In Charlevoix there are these really cool 'mushroom' houses, designed by Earl Young. There are a bunch of them, they're incredible. 

Overall the trip was fantastic. I love spending time with my family away from all the distractions of day to day life. I especially loved having my best friend there, thanks mom and dad! 

Have you guys gone on any summer trips? 




  1. Looks like guy guys had so much fun! You and lily look so pretty and happt in the third shot.


  2. Wow you had a great vacation! Thanks for sharing the photos Savannah! So happy you got to spend time with your bestie this summer! :) The island looks so amazing! That is so cool that no cars are allowed there, and I love that you guys got to bike around it! That sounds like so much fun! :) Thanks again for sharing and I hope you have an amazing rest of your summer! :)

  3. Nice photos! Followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?

  4. Hi love,

    You have an amazing blog!!!!! I loving this look and others from your previous posts. Gladly follow you via gfc and bloglovin. I would be happy if you could follow me on em, of course if u'll like my blog.


  5. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! Colby is so cute! :) x


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