Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring, spring, spring

Hello fashionistas!
I'm back, this past week was crayzay buzay (too much?)..
I wanted to share an outfit of the day that I actually wore today. 
I was in the mood for spring colors mixed with some feminine touches.

Top: JCP Tank-top: Kohl's Pants: JCP Cardigan: New York and Company Bracelet: Forever 21 Earrings: Charolette Russe Shoes: DSW 

I woke up and I was in the mood for spring colors. A bright kelly green cardigan made me feel fresh. I paired it with my favorite navy crop pants to have a darker edgier to the outfit. I wore this cream, lace blouse with a tie to add a feminine twist to the whole look. I put on pearl (obviously fake) earrings to add a classic touch. I wanted to tie in the spring aspect by pairing it with flower bracelet that gave contrast to the outfit because it is metallic. 

I kept my hair super simple, aka I didn't do anything but throw it back. Well, I guess I braided my bangs, A for effort... I did a light brown eye with a bold lip. I mixed a coral (Kate Moss for Rimmel London #12) with a vibrant pink Wet n' Wild lip color (I think it was 967) to achieve a hot pink/coral-y lip. Also, in case any of you noticed my nails the color is Color Club Blue Mint. I just had my nails done yesterday with my momma.

I'm super sorry for not posting a lot.. 
This is a text that my best friend sent me today. She keeps it real. 

This picture was sent to my friend right before I left for yoga class. 
*This is small because the reality of it blown up #notpretty*
On another note I have like 5 of these Marika tank-tops. So much Marika love. 
I've been spending a ton of time at the gym these past two months. That is part of the reason that my presence in the blogosphere has been diminished. The other reason is that school is in that last 9 week cram for exams and tons of projects. 

I miss you guys!

Hope you're all doing well.
Loads of love!



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  1. Love that green cardigan. I passed a similar one up not too long ago and have been regretting that ever since. :( good luck with schoolwork!



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