Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Trends

Hello fashionistas!
I was in yoga tonight trying to come up with an idea for a blog post (because what else would I be doing while in the midst of a weird pose) and I decided that I would talk about some of my favorite trends for spring. 

Untitled #7

Black and white is a huge trend for spring. It is all about playing with contrast, light versus dark. You can do it in a feminine way with lace or you can keep it bold and basic. 

Bold stripes are another big trend. They are easy to wear because you can mix them with other patterns (scarves, pants, jackets) or you can keep them plain. The best part is that you can find tons of different colored striped shirts. I really like the boat neck top above because of the contrast that the bright yellow brings to the stripes. 

Pantone's color of the year, Emerald, is still going strong. Emerald is a color that looks good on a vast variety of skintones. You can go for a daring look with an all emerald dress or you can accessorize with emerald, the choice is yours. 

Pattern pants and skirts are also another trend this year. I actually love the polka dots pants (very similar to a pair that I picked up from Old Navy) because they are a small enough that they do not overwhelm an outfit. The patterned skirt is light, feminine, and is a great pop of color. 

Structured blazers are in again- as if they ever went out. I loved this white blazer, so I thought I had to add it to my trends list. Another trend this season are floral blazers. 

Don't cringe with fear over this next trend.. Blue eyeshadow is back! I'm not bold enough to wear an entire look of blue eyeshadow, but I am more than willing to line my lashes with a blue tone. If you are more daring then feel free to go full steam ahead with this trend.

The last trend I'm going to talk about is the matte lip trend. I love red lips because they are a timeless makeup trend, so obviously I'm on board for more people wearing it! Just make sure you put on a lipbalm before applying the lipstick or else you will end up with dry lips. 

If you guys do not like a trend remember to always stay true to you. That's my number one fashion rule. 
Any trends that I didn't mention that you guys are head over heels for? Let me know!

Loads of love!




  1. Polka dots are a MUST for me!


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