Sunday, June 23, 2013

Curving Stripes Skirt

Hello fashionistas!
I hope your weekend has been really fabulous! I wanted to share what I wore out to dinner with my family the other day. 

Top: New York and Company Skirt: Target Shoes: DSW (Guess) Purse: Goldfinich (local boutique) Ring, bracelet, earrings: Forever 21 

This skirt is deceivingly long, so I wanted to show it off  by tucking my top in.
The skirt would not be that long on someone who is taller than my 5' 2'' figure! Oh well, short for life. I added some extra height with my favorite wedges. I contrasted with the blue bodycon skirt by using my hot pink quilted bag. I used to think that bodycons would not be flattering on my figure, I'm glad I took the plunge! 

Nude nails, simple jewelry, bring on the shine. 

Sorry for the hampers in the background, it was way too hot to snap photos outside which led to taking pictures in my mom's room. 

I slept with my hair in a french braid and when I woke up it was nice and wavy. I decided to clip it back and have a few tendrils hanging down in the front. I paired dangling earrings to show off the up-do. 
My makeup was light on my lids and I added gold shadow to my lower lashline to open up my eyes. 

The momma and the sister at Cheesecake Factory. We had one of those awkward tables where you're next to a bunch of strangers in a long booth. I had to squat my way between our table and two guys to get out. Pretty sure my booty was two seconds away from being in their food.. 

I spent the morning at the gym working out and came home and made the tastiest waffles. 
Then I did a DIY project that I plan on posting this week.
Tomorrow I begin volunteering for a kid art camp, woo! 

Have a great Sunday!




  1. So cute! That skirt is SUPER flattering- I'm always afraid of bodycons, but I keep seeing them on people and they seem to pretty much look good on everyone.
    Talking about the Cheesecake Factory is making me so hungry. Love that place!

    (And kudos for reading my entire rant post, HA. It needed to be let out :)

    1. Thanks! You should try one, I'm sure you would look great!
      And your post was hilarious!


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