Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Beauty Picks

Hello fashionistas!
I have been wanting to share some of the new (and old) beauty products that I have been using during this summer. I tend to try and use less products during the summer because I do not enjoy feeling like I have a lot of makeup on during the summer. 

ELF's Studio tinted moisturizer has been a great product to even out any redness on my face. Just a little bit goes a long way; I normally use a dime sized amount for my whole face. I still use my regular moisturizer with it, but I do like that it has SPF 20 in it. The best part is the $3 price tag! 

Lorac's Tantalizer has been residing in my face products drawer for a year now and I never had used it (my mom had given it to me), but recently I have been using it like crazy. It gives my face a nice tan, dewy glow. I normally apply a teeny tiny drop on my finger and blend it into my cheeks. 

Revlon's Lash Potion mascara is an amazing mascara. It lengthens and adds volume, but my lashes never feel weighed down. I received this product before it was out, but I wanted to give it a try before I shared it with you all. If you are in the market for a new mascara you should definitely pick up this mascara. I have to admit that I am a sucker for cute packaging and this mascara has the girliest packaging- too cute! 

I have been wearing Essie's nail polish in Mod Square off and on for the past month. My mom and I have both been loving it. I would have posted a picture of it on, but my nails are slightly chipped- I need to go paint them. 

OCC's Lip Tar in Pretty Boy has found itself on my lips a lot lately. The color is so vibrant and makes me feel like I have been put a lot of effort into my look without using a ton of products. The color also stays on my lips for HOURS. I cannot wait to try more of OCC's Lip Tars. Do you guys recommend any other colors? 

Pretty Boy on the left and Tantalizer on the right. 
Sorry for not photographing ELF's tinted moisturizer- I didn't think it would show up on my hand very well! 

Garnier Fructis makes really great, nourishing hair products. I am obsessed with the Triple Nutrition shampoo, my hair feels super clean without feeling dry. I have been a fan of their Sleek and Shine leave in conditioner for years, but I just wanted to throw it in because I think it is a great product for summer hair. Being in a pool can leave hair feeling dry, but this helps repair the dryness. 

St. Tropez self tanning mousse is my new favorite self tanner. I know I'm a little bit late to jump on this bandwagon, but I did not understand the majestic, browning powers that this stuff had until I got it! My skin looks like I spent a week on the beach when in reality it is just this mousse! I only apply it about three times a week and when I do I only use a small pump. I have a feeling that this product will last me a long time. 

Bath and Bodywork's Aruba Coconut triple moisturizing lotion and accompanying body wash smells like a tropical paradise. I love anything coconut scented, so when my mom came home with this for me I was very excited. If you are a fan of tropical scents then you should check this scent out at Bath and Bodyworks. 

Are you guys obsessed with any new beauty products? Let me know if there is something I need to try! 




  1. I know what you mean, I today bought a orange lipstick and I can't describe how amazing it feels to wear something so vibrant. I love the shade of fuchsia pink, Ive been looking for this shade lipstick. So pretty.

    xoxo Ra


  2. Lots of Lovely products the pretty boy looks amazing

    C&L x



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