Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Well Spent Weekend

Hello fashionistas!
This holiday weekend has been a very busy, but fun weekend. 
I just wanted to catch you up on some of what I have done with the following pictures!

Fourth of July was spent with my girl, Jenna. The two of us had a fab time at her family's BBQ. We got our diva glow on with a ton of glowsticks. 

The next day I went over to my friend Kali's house. We got our tan on and swam in the deep blue ocean. We both ended up extremely sun burnt. This would be the burnt aftermath. My shoulders and back were the worst. 

I popped my acrylic nails off the other day because they were peeling and I knew I would need to get fresh ones put on when I go next week. It feels weird to not have them on my nails. My nails are now very weak. Which is something I fully expected to happen.

This morning I went to the gym and did a body pump class and after that I got my cardio on. 
I finally accomplished 3 miles in 35 minutes! I was so pumped because I normally only hit 2.91 or 2.95 miles. I pushed myself so hard. Also, I have my resistance and crossramp much higher than shown in the picture. I change it up throughout the workout. The machine sets it back to a resistance of 1 once the time is over. 

Afterwards my dad and I dragged our sore, sweaty selves to this local place called Fishtails for some delicious breakfast  brunch. I was so hungry, but I only managed to eat half of this omelette. 

Here is a cute picture of my dog in a jacket. Just livin' the pampered dog life. 

This CD is what I have been currently jamming to in my car. I love me some JT. 

I'm still pretty burnt, but it is slowly fading into a tan. Except not on my red red red nose. My smile is so big because my mom is FINALLY coming home from Michigan after two and a half weeks! I cannot wait to see her. 

Hope you're having a fab weekend! 




  1. Cute, I'm glad you had such a fantastic weekend.

  2. Hey Savannah! Great pictures! well done on your progress at the gym! :) x lovely photo at the end :) x x x

    1. Thank you! I've been spending so much time at the gym (:

    2. Well done! It really does show! Have you tried Nike training club app, its amazing! Such a good way of working out at home :-). X x x

    3. I actually have not! Normally if I have to go a day sans the gym I will bike on my stationary bike or do weights at home. There is also a big bridge with a nice incline a few miles from my house that I walk (just the bridge, I drive the few miles to the bridge)!

    4. aww right! its great! you can choose from loads of different work outs and to work on certain areas of your body! I do it for 45 mins once a week (Should be twice but i cycle everyday and walk to my local post office to post work) and I burn on average 350- 500 calories :)you can add your own music also to the app and it just keeps me going :) x Let me know if you check it out what you think :) x that bridge sounds like fun! we dont have a car so we cycle everywhere and my area is pretty hilly so its all up and down hills lol x x x


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