Friday, July 26, 2013

Fitness Friday! My Workout Routine

Hello fashionistas!
I  have been talking about going to the gym for a good six months and lately I have had a lot of comments asking for my gym routine, so I think it is about time I do a post about it! 

The biggest thing about working out for me is not being BORED by my workout. When I first joined the gym I became very into yoga (I was going through a post breakup funk and needed some zen time) and cardio time with the elliptical. The past 3 months I have been incorporating weights into my routine. 
Here are a few different workouts I do because I found that switching it up helps me keep losing weight and inches.

This was Lily and I before we hit the gym the other day.

If you are looking for cardio then I highly suggest hitting the elliptical to shred calories and keep your heart rate up. While I am on the elliptical I am changing the resistance and the elevation level of the machine. I try to push myself really hard and then back off to keep my heart rate up. The machine at my gym (Precor Crossramp) allows you to pedal backwards. I tend to do five minutes forward, five minutes backward for anywhere from 35 minutes to 60 minutes
I also use the stationary bike when I need to do cardio but am not feeling the elliptical. I typically set the bike to hill mode at level 7. This helps change the resistance and make you try harder to keep your BPM (beats per minute) up. I normally only do this for 30 minutes because biking is not my favorite thing to do at the gym.
 Lately I have been using the indoor rowing machines at my gym. Lily says that this machine makes her sea sick, but I find that it just hurts my back when done for longer than fifteen minutes. This really does burn calories and is actually entertaining. 
 Another thing that I will do to change up the good ole routine is zumba! I am HIGHLY uncoordinated, but I still have fun shakin' and shimmying. Don't be embarrassed, just go for it. There is another dance class at my gym that I occasionally attend.If your gym has other dance classes I recommend attending a few to try out what you like. 
I'm trying to start incorporating running into my routine to help target my thighs. I'm starting slow by walking for a song at a 4.2 speed and then running a song at 5.2 and repeating that for a half hour. I just started this and will probably be doing it twice a week. 

My weight routine normally consists of me going to a class called Body Pump which is when you use low weights and do MANY repetitions.  This class also includes lunges and squats (about 150 squats) which really helped downsize and tone my booty.  Body pump also does ab targeting moves during the class (crunches, bicycle, planks, etc). If I don't attend body pump then I try to do my abs at least a few times a week whether it is at the gym using different machines that help target that or at home crunching away!

If I'm not going to body pump then I will use the arm and leg machines to get more weights in during the week. This is more something that you have to try to get the gist of because everyone lifts at different levels.

To help stretch out all the kinks and find my inner peace I try to attend a yoga class or two a week. Sometimes I fall behind in this and end up attending one or two a month.. 

The biggest part of working out for me is how it makes me feel. I always feel ten times better afterwards than I did before and it leaves me with more confidence. Also, if you find working out intimidating then take a friend! Lily goes to the gym with me and it makes it a lot more entertaining. Another key component of working out is having a good playlist that will keep you movin' and groovin'. I think I will try to post different songs that I am currently into.

I hope this helps! If anyone has any questions feel free to comment or email me at 

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  1. Fantastic post savannah! Well done on all your gym sessions in the last 6 months, your working super hard and you look amazing! So much more toned and slim! :-) x I'm a pound off loosing 2stone now and I'm cycling loads and now playing tennis twice a week for 2 hrs at a time, but I need to loose my belly fat :-( its literally the only thing left I have to feel conscious about x x any tips for shedding that ? X x x

    1. Good for you!!! And thank you so much; I've dropped 2 sizes in the past couple of months. I would try doing moves that really target your core. I pinned this awhile ago:
      I do some of these in different classes that I take at my gym. I should be doing these at home every night! Maybe I will do them tonight.
      Thanks for the sweet comment, sorry for taking a few days to get back to you!

    2. Hiya! That's OK! Thanks for replying with such a helpful link! That's fantastic, I will defo be giving that a go! It sounds like such a great ab work out :-). I will let you know how I get on x thanks x that's amazing BTW dropping the two sizes! I went and bought some new clothes yesterday and it was such a nicer experience with everything fitting :-) x x have a nice week! X x x

  2. Oh wow, good for you! I'm not much of a gym person, I've come to the conclusion it's just not for me, but I have been really into pilates in recent weeks and I've found lots of videos online which is awesome. I need to pick up some more cardio work though, that's for sure. I have a treadmill at home, but I've just been looking at it recently and not using it ;)

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thank you! I've done a few pilates classes (and HOLY CRAP they are quite the workout)! If the treadmill just isn't your thing then maybe try walking outside for a little while everyday (maybe even with a friend). That is a sly way to get the cardio in and catch up with your friends!

  3. With workout routines, it's truly important to have different form of exercises. Once the body gets used to a certain routine, losing weight and inches will get a little more difficult. Changing routines is the key to battle that. Also, it will keep you from getting bored from doing the same routines over and over again. Nice job!
    Jessica @ She\'s Fit!


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