Friday, July 19, 2013

Who Is This Girl?! Fun Fact Friday.

Hello fabulous readers!
Sometimes I feel like I just post outfits with the smallest amount of "hey here's what I did today" at the end of the posts and that you guys probably don't really know much about me other than my love for lipsticks, heels, and the gym. I know this might be shocking...... But there is so much more than that in my life!
I'm going to start small with ten facts and if you guys seem to like this kind of post then I will keep it up.

1.) I really enjoy alliteration. I try incorporate that into my post titles all the time. It is by far my favorite literary device. C'mon I managed to tie it in with "Fun Fact Friday." Oh yes, I'm that nerdy.

2.) I'm really into art. Until freshmen year I never considered myself artistic other than in the medium of makeup, but then I got placed into a pottery class. Three years of pottery later and I have to say I truly love it. In August I will be starting my fourth year of pottery and my third college level pottery class. 
Here's the last project I made. Within my pieces I try to incorporate fashion which leads me to experimenting with different patterns, textures, glazes, etc. 

3.) I am that person who can listen to a song over and over and over. If I like a song a lot then you should just expect me to hit replay thirty times. I heard this song over on Jade's blog (go check her blog out!!) and I keep replaying it. 
Biffy Clyro- Mountains 

4.) I'm very close to my family. My mom is seriously my best friend. This woman makes me laugh so hard and is always there for me, just like a momma should be! It makes me so sad when I meet people who say they aren't very close with their parents because I am so close to my parents.

Oh yes, we take silly pics. 

5.) My best friend, Lily, and I have this ability to find really large objects and take pictures with them.

Last summer in Michigan.

Lily, don't kill me for posting this. This was taken over five years ago in Hobby Lobby.
I'm going to save face and not post any more of these.. Too embarrassing! 

6.) I'm a naturally early riser. Sleeping in for me is 9 AM. I've always been one to get up early. I enjoy sitting and drinking my coffee in a quiet house before I have to start the day! 

7.) I spend way too much time on Pinterest. If you guys are following me on there then you probably already knew that! I honestly think it is the best site. I love being able to locate helpful tips on one board and have beautiful fashion pictures on another board. It's way better than adding a trillion links to my bookmarks on my laptop! Here's my pinterest if you want to follow me just click here.

8.) If I like the way a phrase sounds then I keep saying it. Over and over.. Lily also does this and it is a good thing we find the same things funny or else we would probably annoy the hell out of each other. For some reason her phone went off the other night and she was like "let see who had texted me" and we found this hilarious so it was repeated for the duration of the evening. 

9.) If I really enjoy a meal then I will make the same thing for multiple meals in a row. Sometimes I just get on a random food kick! 

10.) And to cap it allllll off for this post I will leave you with a gif of my love... 
Justin Timberlake. 
And if you haven't seen Friends With Benefits then I'm pretty sure we can't be friends.

Have a fab weekend! Let me know if you want to see more posts like this!



PS: Be on the lookout for some changes around my blog! 


  1. You're so funny- I loved reading these. I'm the same way with food, I'll get in phases where I have to have something for days (or weeks) in a row until I get tired of it. xx

    1. Thanks! I was on a quaker bar kick last week. This week it is Special K 100 calorie pastry crisps.

  2. Such an interesting post, and that vase look so unique.

  3. Ahh wow thank you so so so much Savannah you are truly a special lady!! <3

    HOW do you get those moving pictures onto your blog??? The closest I could do was that weird little poof thing from my whadafuck (sorry for using such language on your blog hehe!) post!

    So glad you're also enjoying the song! <3
    It is a really stunning song and pumps me up for a good day ahead!!!

    Have a goodie Savannah, you are awesome and I love that you and your mama are so close and connected!! xxxxx

    1. Aw, thank you!!!
      I actually just Googled what I was looking for and then added "gif" behind it, the rest was as easy as saving the photo and adding it into the post. Sorry I can't be more helpful- I am by no means a tech wizard!


  4. I love the way you write!!!You dressed me up with a big smile just now!
    I totally get the part about crazy little words that mean nothing or something and they become a vehicle of laughter through out the day!!
    And saying that..I am thinking of strange magical words!!

    Have a lovely day!


    I have a new post,hope you like..

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I'm on my way to check out your new post!

  5. This is a great post! I vote you should totally do these more often. We can tottally be forends because I've seen that movie about a million times! JT is hilarious! :P


    1. Ahh, I love me some JT! I will try to do these more and thank you so much!

  6. Hahaha I need a friend like Lily! I do have a friend who always attracts weirdos though :o(



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