Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of Senior Year Outfit

Hello fashionistas!
My first day of school was yesterday and I wanted to share what I wore with you all. 
I cannot believe that it is already SENIOR year. Where did the time go?! I made this blog and used my high school graduating year in the title because it seemed SO FAR AWAY. Now it is literally just around the corner. 

Anyways, gettin' all sentimental up in here, time for my outfit. 

Top: New York and Company Tank-top: Aeropostale Jeans: Old Navy Shoes and bracelets: Kohl's Bag: Steve Madden (Marshalls) Earrings: New York and Company Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

I was going for a preppy look. I think preppy chic would be a good way to describe my style.
I did not want to appear to be trying too hard, so I went for a classic white button up paired with dark wash skinny jeans. The coral flats added a nice pop of color. I mixed metals by wearing gold bangles with pink and purple gems with my silver Tiffany necklace and silver earrings.  

I love love love this new bag. I needed a new one because my Jessica Simpson was starting to look really worn. I like the chains and the fact that it has pockets on the outside. I plan on doing a "what's in my bag" post soon! 

I did a very light cream and brown eye to accentuate my blue eyes. I mixed Korre's Pomegranate lip butter and their Raspberry liquid lipstick. I knew I would be warm on the first day, so I spin pinned my hair into a bun. I ended up being glad I went for an updo because it was very very very warm in sunny FL. 

The best friend, Lily, and I posing for our mommas. SO GLAD TO HAVE MY BEST FRIEND HOME FOR SENIOR YEAR. We have lunch together, but no classes. Infinitely better than when she was almost 500 miles away. Perspective people, perspective. 

My schedule seems to be a good one. I'm taking a pretty easy senior year, only 4 college classes. The rest are electives. And technically one of my college classes is pottery. I'm glad I pushed myself last year and took a bunch of college classes. I ended up passing all of my exams (we found out last week). Which means in total I have received 6 college credits! 

Anyways, hope you all had a good first day back if you are back in school! Or just a fabulous day in general.

Loads of love!



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  1. You look fabulous!! Have fun in your senior year! :)



    1. Aw, thank you! And I plan on it! (:

  2. Cute! I think I will always love the "preppy" look- or at least done this way, as it's not too over the top. I have a pair of Coach loafers I found at a thrift store last year and they're my favorite preppy piece!

    1. Ooh, what a good find! I'm definitely a more preppy dresser. I think it is always going to be a classic look! Thank you!

  3. Wow, you look gorgeous! This is a perfect first day of school outfit! So classy :) I hope you're senior year is the best one yet! And that all your classes go well!

    xo, gina

  4. You're so pretty! I love the blouse! xx


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