Friday, September 27, 2013

Stripes and Boots

Hello fashionistas!
I have been wanting to post, but my laptop has a crazy virus on it. I'm using the computer in our office to whip out a quick post before I go get ready for school. Based on this outfit can you tell that I am pumped for fall?! Fall is perfect because it is no longer 95 degrees and 100% humidity in Florida! The high for this weekend is supposed to be 80 degrees, woohoo! 

Shirt: American Eagle Jeans: Sevens (Marshalls) Boots: Kohls Necklace: Charlotte Russe Earrings: Forever 21

The day before I wore this was incredibly rainy and I wanted my feet to be warm if it rained again, hence the boots. My planning did nothing for me because although there was a "70% chance of rain" it did not rain. At all. Oh well, at least I got to dabble in fall clothing. I'm loving girly stripes with dainty pearls. Feels very southern belle to me. 

Honestly I do not recall what lipstick combo I have on here. I know I have Maybelline Falsies mascara on and Sephora Nano eyeliner in Iced Mocha on with Urban Decay Snakebite shadow on the outer edge of my lower lashline. The hair is au-naturale. I did not want to put much effort into it because I thought it was going to rain. Thanks a million weatherman..

Can I get a holllaaaa for the fact that it is Friday? This has been the never ending week! 
Tonight my girls and I are going to a gym class and then having a little trio sleepover. 
Alright, I'm off to get ready. I have two tests today that I do not want to be late for.

Loads of love!



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  1. love it!! every girl needs a chic pair of boots!
    xo Jessica
    stop by when ya get a chance

  2. Hey girl, I'm new to your blog. You look fabulous! Please visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other. I liked your Facebook page with my personal name Andrea jueong

  3. Love the stripes and pearls combo! Your hair looks gorgeous straight, too. <3

  4. love the whole outfit! That necklace is super cute!

  5. You are looking amazing hun! Love the top =) xx


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