Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life Lately: September 2014

Why hello hello fashionistas!
I haven't been on the blogosphere in what feels like eons, but really has only been about a month and a half. The problem with blogging is that every time I start to think maybe I should just be done I realize that I want nothing more than to have the time to dedicate to this little corner of the internet. 
I'm not sure who even bothers stopping by to check out Glamorous Girl 2014 who never posts, but if anyone out there is still checking in on me just know that I feel your love. 

Since I have been too busy lazy and full of excuses to post I figured I might as well update ya'll on what I have been up to. 

Here's the latest little gem I have purchased from my lovely place of employment. This bag is called the Loryn. I'm completely obsessed with the soft pink and berry color. The zig-zagging detail is what really made me fall head over heels for this bag. I had to have it because I know it will be perfect for fall and I'm sure I'll use it all the way through February (hello isn't this the best valentine's day bag ever?!). I just love me some Kate Spade. 

Stuffing my face with pizza. Obviously I have been so busy eating. No, but seriously I have been eating a lot. Good thing I'm still hitting the gym on the regular to combat the calories. I have been zumba-ing with my mom a few times a week and I'm getting back  into running and weights. 

A little calculator shot to show that I'm busy with school. I'm doing pretty well in all of my classes. I've gotten A's on all my tests except for a B on my first accounting test. I'm making friends, which I'm happy about because the first couple of weeks were tough not having anyone to chat with or compare homework with.

Even though I have been making friends I have been spending a lot of time missing my lovely ladies. Just a little throwback to February-March of this year when we took a little road trip. 

Oh yes, more food pictures. I'm pretty sure I'm no longer a fashion blogger, but more of a food blogger. I picked up sushi to go with my sister after work the other night. Note the every so glamorous cheetah nightgown, gotta love Victoria's Secret sleep tees. 

Selfie for my new haircut.. Which in reality was a trim and I had her add some layers because it was looking heavy. I'm happy that it's finally "fall" (it's still 85 degrees and 90% humidity in FL, but whatever) because I can bust out my vampy lip colors. I'm wearing Hourglass "Nocturnal" in this picture, one of my favorite lipsticks ever. 

This weekend I'm taking a little road trip with my sister because I spontaneously bought the two of us tickets to see One Direction tomorrow! I literally bought them last Friday on the fly because I could get two seats for a reasonable price and I knew she would freak out!

I hope you guys are all doing splendidly and I really hope I can keep my booty posting on here. There is something so cathartic about reflecting on your life and typing away. Okay, I'm off to go do homework and laundry before class tonight. 

Loads of love!




  1. Hey Savannah! So long since we've chatted. Awesome to hear about your blossoming love life. So good to see you guys get along so well. Time flies when you're having fun.

    Hope you had an awesome weekend with you sis!! xxxx

  2. I like the last photo.

  3. Hope the pizza was good. I know it's an old post. It's just funny :D

    ~ | how to bleach your skin

  4. do you change the name of the blog each year?

  5. another blog change


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