Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hair Inspiration

Hello my readers!

This would look very cute on someone who doesn't have layers. I do, so the shorter ones stick out, although as the day goes on and the rest gets messier it tends to look cute. If I feel like braiding something I usually braid the shortest layer on my left side and pin it back (it is a very small braid. For a more bohemian look I braid both sides.

Love this! It's like a new take on the up tight ballerina bun (that always gives me a headache). I will have to try this, only maybe un-tuck a few strands of hair for a more messy look.

Her hair always has that simple 'I just came back from the beach' tousled look, I want it. I can achieve it, only mine look more 'wavy'. Bottom line, I love her hair!

Well guys I am feeling a lot better than I was yesterday, but I still have this wretched cough! It has been keeping me up for HOURS! I just want it to stop. Currently it is raining (lightening and thundering) cats and dogs. I can't sleep and my little sister can't either. It is kinda creepy dark in our house too, I hope we don't lose power.
Hope you all like my late night hair inspiration.


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  1. That top left picture of Rachel McAdams is gorgeous - such beautiful hair!


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