Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Java.

Hey guys(:
So as I was catching up on my Youtube subscriptions I heard something in my kitchen. And guess what it was, no not a burglar, just my cat. Java (he's about 9 months old but I've only had him since he was like 3 months old) has this very very strange obsession with straws. Like the kind you drink out of. No matter what it is in like a regular cup from home or a to go cup from Starbucks. He likes to paw it out and play with it on the floor. Needless to say this can (and usually does) result in spilled milk.. Haha, that was corny. So back to my story, I heard a noise and I run out and what do I see, one kitten up on the kitchen table and my cup that was half full of water knocked over. So I pick up Java and wipe off his now wet paws and he starts to meow at me, like it's my fault that his paws are wet! Well excuse me Java, I'm not the one who had to have the straw! I didn't have a real busy day, we took Colby to get his final vaccines and then I babysat for about an hour tonight. That's about it. Oh and I'll attach a photo of Java being not so destructive...


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