Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outfit of the Day #1

Well hello there! Today I went with my mom and Lily (the bestest friend ever) to see my sister's award ceremony for the end of the year. It wasn't dressy or anything so I chose a babydoll top that I bought at Kohls last year (I think), jeans that I just rolled up to my knees, and gladiators from Bealls. Makeup was simple just this purple smokey eye, not even that 'smokey'. Hair was basically just blow dried I only used a round brush to lift my top layers (for volume) and to style my bangs, then I fixed a few pieces with my straightener. I accessorized with a couple of bangles from a set I bought at Forever21.
Hope you like!
(In case you were wondering why I'm standing next to a giant Eagle statue, it's because that is my old school's mascot.)


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