Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Today

Today my bestie came over at like 7:50 this morning (we're out of school but our sisters still have tomorrow) so we picked Lily and her sister up and dropped her sister and Sierra (my sister) off at school. We came home and watched Real Housewives of New Jersey. Then we went to the pool for a couple of hours (which was really fun, because nobody was there). Then my mom made us these gourmet subs and then we went to the library. Lily caught up on Glee that I had saved on my DVR for her, then we had dinner . After dinner we walked Colby (the dog). Now she is sitting next to me looking at all of our spring break vacation photos, which was to California and Nevada. I'll attach a photo of something, I'm not sure what. Any-who, we are going to watch the series premiere of The Pretty Little Liars (we read all of the books) that I DVRed. I will try to get around to an outfit of the day tomorrow.

Picture 1: Chanel display on Rodeo Drive

Picture 2: My mom and I being silly and makeing L.A. out on our balcony

Picture 3: A picture stating 'Rodeo Drive'

Picture 4: Me on Rodeo Drive


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