Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Favorites 2010

Here are some of my summer favorites for 2010, these are just skin care and nail polishes I will get around to a makeup one soon!

1.) Biore' Pore Unclogging Scrub
I love this! It gently exfoliates and helps remove the oils in you pores and prevent and treat acne. I don't have 'acne' per say, I have blemishes, a huge breakout for me is 4 zits not 10.

2. ELF Nail Polish in Coral. It is a pretty pink color with golden shimmer and a pinch of orangey undertones. Beware it does chip so do a strengthening clear coat.

3. N.Y.C In a minute New York Color in Times Square. I can't say enough about this! It is like a coral, yet a red, yet hot pink! I got TONS of compliments on it when I had it on my nails last week. Seriously BUY IT! I bought it at Target and it was like $1.50, I have really liked all of their polishes. They can chip (but really what doesn't?) so if you are paranoid about that then do a clear coat that strengthens.

4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15, I like this moisturizer a lot and I feel like it does hydrate my skin. The only thing is my eye area is SUPER sensitive so this kinda does burn for a couple of minutes, other than that I like it. I also switch this with Oil of Olay and this smells good, feels good, and I love love love that! Sometimes I just like to switch it up.

5. Last but not least is Tarte Sunburst Body. It is a bead bronzing lotion with self-tanner. I like this it gives me color on my legs, that is the only place that doesn't get as tan as my body, which is weird because I try and try to get them tan! So whenever I plan on wearing a dress or skirt and my legs don't look very tan I slather a pinch on (and trust me, it doesn't take a lot) and I have some color to my legs. Be very careful to rub evenly or else it might look streaky (this has never happened to me, but I'm VERY careful!).

And I forgot to take a picture of this but my last favorite is PONDS Cold Cream the cool classic. I love this it really gets rid of my makeup and leaves my skin soft. Will be a favorite forever!

Tell me about any amazing summer products that I need to look into, okay? (:


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