Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today my friends and I graduated from our lame middle school! This means that school is out and summer is in! My best friend and I are spending almost two weeks together on a vacation in July with my family. We are so excited! Graduation was nice, a little bit on the cheesy side (if you want my really opinion, I mean seriously it isn't high school or college!). Anyways tomorrow the whole eighth grade is going on a trip my bestie Lily and I decided to skip it and chill at my pool. (:
So I'm looking forward to that. The weather is kinda crappy right now.. It was all hazy and dark (not to mention HUMID!) and now it is windy and kinda sunny, my mom and I think it is going to rain. Shocker.
Attached to this is what I wore to the graduation. This was just me trying on it to send to Lily. So not the best picture!


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