Friday, July 30, 2010

A Collective Haul

Hello lovelies, today I thought I would do a collective haul of things I have bought over the past few weeks. Sorry for the crummy picture quality, they were taken on my cellphone. I am going to display all of the pictures and then tell you what I think about them.

Time to tell you what it all is
1.) This is all of the stuff that I have collected over the past couple of weeks. Yes I know a lot!

2.) Falsies from Maybelline in very black (or whatever the blackest color was), the Stila Lash Visor Waterproof in blackest black (this came with the smudge pot, the stone/smog/kitten trio, one step primer, and the Stila #30 brush), and Lash Maxx from Rimmel. My favorite would have to be the Falsies one. I love it! Makes applying mascara so quick and easy, one swoop and I'm good!

3.) L-R: Stila Waterproof Lash Visor, Lash Maxx (Rimmel), and Falsies (Maybelline).

4.) This is the Stila trio. Left to right are: Stone, Smog, and Kitten. Kitten by far is my favorite in the trio, and perhaps ever!

5.) These are the swatches in the same order as above.

6.) This was also in the $20 Stila thing I got from Costco. It is a gel eyeliner in black, it stays all day and doesn't stray! So easy to work with, I love it!

7.) This was the Stila One Step Makeup, this is in the color medium and I am more a light. I have yet to try this.

8.) This was the Road to Radiance palette that I ordered off of Zappos (you get free shipping!).

9.) Left to right eyeshadow colors: Snow Bunny (a shimmery champagne color),Souther Bell (a mauve color), Valley Girl (a little bit of a shimmery true pink color), City Chick (a dark purple), and the blush color is in Hibiscus ( oh and it is a creme blush). This can also be worn for a lip color. I love all of these colors and for 10 bucks it is a bargain!

10.) NYC Plaza Pink creme blush

11.) Swatches of Plaza Pink. The first is layered and the second is one swipe. I really like this color, it is easy to blend and looks nice with my tanned face(: You can find this at WalMart.

12.) This is swatches of Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer in #022 color Sun Bronze (on the website is called Sunny Bronze, so I don't know). I like this a lot, it is a matte bronzer no sparkles/shimmers whatsoever. It is perfect for a warm. sunny glow. I typically put this on the sides of my forehead, the sides of my face (not the apples of my cheeks), my nose and a my chin, in the rest I put whatever blush I want to use. Then I blend it so the lines aren't harsh, it looks really nice. I forgot to take an up close picture of the product, sorry!

13.) This is the brush that came with the thing I bought at Costco. It is a double ended brush and I absolutely love it! The stubby end is really good for patting on shadow and the other end is good for your crease and inner corner (like highlight colors).

14.) This is Hard Candy Take Me Out Liner in the shade 'Camo'. This is a nice greenish brown shade and it really does remind me of camouflage. Sorry I forgot to take an up close picture of this product too!

I hope you guys enjoyed my collective haul.
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  1. Do you like that Hard Candy liner? I've passed over Hard Candy so many times at Walmart, and I want to try something but I'm not sure what. :)
    That Stila trio looks gorgeous!

  2. Yes I do like the Hard Candy liner, I would like to try one in purple. I did buy 2 blushes (Living Doll and Bombshell, I use the last one for a bronzer), and I like them the pigmentation is great but, the packaging is terrible! The living doll blush cracked (granted I did drop it) but, the other one broke and I didn't even drop. I was annoyed, but even though the packaging is bad I am able to forgive it because the pigmentation is really nice.

    And the Stila trio is so awesome, I really love the shade Kitten! So pretty.
    Thanks for stopping by(:

  3. Great haul! I want to try the new Falsies mascara so badly! I've been using Maybelline's volume express for the longest, so I have high hopes for the new Falsies! I'll probably wait until the drugstore has a BOGO sale so I can stock up :P

  4. I was at Walgreens yesterday and they had BOGO sale going on Maybelline Falsies and maybe one of their new eyeshadows. I'm not sure if it was just local though. I really do like a lot!

  5. Ooo thanks! I'll check out Walgreen's then; I was at Rite Aid the other day and there was no sale, so Walgreen's is worth a shot :)


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