Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Downtown Outfit of the Day

Hey fashionistas,
I have a little outfit of the day/what I did on Saturday for you all! 
First of all I'd like to say that I have the BEST friends! Ethan took a billion photos of me for the blog. He really puts up with a lot from me! 
So, even though I doubt you'll read this, thank you bestie! You did a great job! 
He won't admit to it, but he secretly loved it. He was like "I think you should lie on this bench for some photos."  

These are the famous lions that are at the front of the Bridge of Lions in Saint Augustine. 
There may not be a ton for teens to do in Saint Augustine, but it sure is beautiful! 
 Dress: Target (Calypso) Shoes: Bealls Bracelet: Vintage Earrings: Forever 21 Sunglasses: old
Bag: Jessica Simpson (it doesn't go with this at all, I just haven't switched to a summer bag, mainly because I haven't found one I like)
He'd kill me if I put this up on Facebook, but it needed to be shared with someone! Every time I see it I crack up! 
Ethan just fooling around downtown. For a guy, my bestie is pretty stylish. He'll text me and be like "I don't know if this goes with this can you help me?"
Best Friends. 

We met for lunch/brunch. He went to this pizza place and picked up a slice, while I dragged him with me to go get a waffle. Delicious. Easily the best waffle I've ever had! 

Just a picture of the bay. It was such a beautiful day to spend with my best friend. We played mini golf and tied (I wanted to win so badly so I could have bragging rights)! It may have been a beautiful day, but it was disgustingly hot. We were sweating to the point where we were like "I'm ready to be done with mini golf!" After that we got gelato. My fave! 

On a random, side note, I finally got my learners permit for driving today! Very excited and scared. As my mom says, driving isn't a right, it's a responsibility. Which I find to be very true. We'll be practicing a lot before I'm on the actual open roads. 

Have a great day!




  1. This was a cute post!! I love the dress! It reminds of things some of the women wear here in East L.A...

  2. I'm loving your dress! Looks like you had a fun Saturday :)

    xo, gina

  3. nice dress that waffle loooks so yummy

  4. i want that waffle!!!! and congrats on getting your permit : )

  5. that Calypso dress is gorgeous savannah! you look fabulous! <33


  6. I love the dress! Best guy friends are the best. :) Looks like you two had a lot of fun!

  7. Thanks for the birthday wish Savannah and love your dress!

  8. That waffle looks ah-mazing and I love your dress... you look lovely :)



  9. cute dress!!! and your hair is lovely too! Danniella x


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