Monday, July 12, 2010

Extremely Late June Favorties

Hello lovelies! It is past time for my June favorites, so here it is.

Left to right
Maybelline nail polish in 'Pink Crush' , Ponds Cold Cream (sorry the label was peeling so I took it off), Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara in very black, Milani eyeliner in 'Dark Brown', FLIRT! eyeshadow in 'Gypsy Nights', Hard Candy blush in 'Living Doll', and CO. Bigelow in the shade 'Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint'.

I did my nails three or so times last month in Pink Crush. I did a little post on this, here is the link -

While on vacation (technically July but, whatever) I was really using the Ponds Cold Cream to hydrate my skin more then anything. Normally I use a moisturizer after using this, but it seemed to really moisturize my face. My face was so nice and soft!

Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara in very black seemed to make it onto my eyelashes quite a lot last month! Here is a picture of the wand.

This a swatch of the final four products.

I love this eyeliner, I just seemed to be using it even more frequently than normal! My mom used to love one of the the Stila eyeliners in some brown shade and I told her how much I loved this and then she ended up getting hooked on it too.

The eyeshadow is a color that I bought a longggggg time ago and I didn't seem to use that much after I bought it. Then I used it with the makeup look I did for my formal at the end of the year and graduation. And in June I ended up using it a lot too.

This is the blush that I bought in a haul I did a couple of weeks ago. I really like the product, the packaging not so much. It kind of fell apart and so did the bronzer that I bought. That is beside the point though. When I don't feel like doing a lot of eye makeup I tend to focus on my cheeks a lot and my lips. This product gives me a bright pink color and it reminds me of blush on like a doll or something. Very pretty!

The lipgloss is super moisturizing and I love how long it lasts (like hours!). The color is pretty sheer, which is fine for me. Here is a picture of it on me (this is all I have on, no lipstick/chapstick nothing else except the gloss).

Hope you enjoy my super late June favorites(:




  1. great post! :) That lipgloss is one of my faves too!!


    p.s. thx for stopping by my blog && leavin' me the love!

  2. Those are excellent june favorites!

    By the way, I nominated you for an award! You can see it on my blog :)

    xo, gina

  3. Agree with you 100% on the Full n'soft mascara! It's great for a natural look :)


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