Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My 2nd Blog Award!

First of all I would like to thank Gina from http://imaginable21.blogspot.com/ for awarding me with this. Go check out her inspiring blog.

The Rules:
1) Post this award on your blog.
2) List three things/people that inspire you.
3) Award 5-10 other blogs that you believe are an inspiration for others.
4) Let these bloggers know they won this award.

The three things that inspire me the most are:

1) Magazines, books, blogs.
I feel like you can find great new ideas to try out and they really inspire me to try new things.

2) People around me.
I get so much inspiration from my friends, family, and strangers on the street.

Music really inspires me to do things. When I'm in the mood to really move I put on my favorite dance songs, when I'm upset I turn to songs that are slower. Music always inspires me to get up and move.
And the amazing blogs I nominate are (in no particular order):

Now for those bloggers who inspire me

1. Forever the Ugly Duckling

2. In Her Makeup Bag

3. Productrater!

4. Pink So Foxy

5. JuiceyTopics


  1. well done you! well deserved missy



  2. congratulations

    If you get a chance please check out my new beauty blog.
    The 30th person to subscribe will win a M.A.C lustreglass
    Once I hit 50 subscribers I will have a contest for 5 M.A.C goodies.


  3. Thanks so much for awarding me! And congrats on winning the award yourself :)


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