Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nails of the Day #2

Hello lovelies(: I just thought I would show you what I am wearing on my nails right now.

This is from the Wet n' Wild Shine collection in the color 'Dream Poppy'. I like this color a lot, although I am noticing that in these pictures it kind of looks like a hot pink but, in real life it is more of pinkish orange color. Sometimes it looks more orangey pink and sometimes it looks hot pink. Sorry my middle finger is all messed up, when I took of my press ons the glue still hasn't completely left my nails. The middle fingers on both my hands have a lot of it still left on them. I have used acetone based nail polish remover and it won't come off! Any tips on how to get it off?

This is the bottle.

I'm not really sure why the label is worn off? So yeah..

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