Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello my lovelies, how are you today? I am having a wonderful day. My mom's best friend came over today and we went to Home Goods, Panera (yummy!), Sephora, Joanne's Fabrics, and Costco. I was very good in Sephora I looked, I lusted, but I did not (yes you read that right) buy anything. I told my mom what I wanted for my birthday/Christmas, this is ridiculous seen as my birthday is December 8th and Christmas is obviously just as far away! I also casually said if she 'felt like buying me anything next time she went that I would be fine with it! LOL! Part of the reason I didn't buy anything was because last time I went to Costco (like a month or so ago) I had seen this Stila set that had : A face primer, a gel liner, a mascara, a double ended brush, and a palette that had the colors stone, smog and kitten (which I really wanted!) all for $20! I think everything but the face primer is full size, maybe not the gel eyeliner (but who cares). When I had gone they had a 'warm palette' and a 'cool palette'. I had really wanted the warm palette but alas they were out (cue the tears! Okay not really). I ended up buying the cool palette. This was the reason why I didn't buy anything in Sephora. I will be doing a review and swatches of the Stila set once I use it for a bit.

Now for my OOTD, FOTD, EOTD(:
First up, my outfit.

T-shirt- from New York and Company (was in a haul from last month)
Jeans- Kohls Gloria Vanderbilt, I just rolled them up some
Shoes- didn't have any on yet wore my trust gladiators
Bangle- Forever 21
Earrings- Forever 21

My face, I end up changing my hair because my bangs were driving me NUTS! I am thinking that it is time to get them cut (again). So I did a middle part and pinned each side over (it ended up being really cute and easy).

Here is my eyes upclose. The products I used are Maybelline eyeshadow (single) in 'Seashell', then a light purple in my FLIRT! palette and a slightly dark color (not very dark at all though) purple in the same palette. Mascara Rimmel Lash Maxx (which I am loving!). For my face I used a CG concealer I think the shade is fair (I don't remember), Physicians Formula powder in 'Translucent', and Hard Candy blush in Living Doll.

And this is with my glasses, me and my four eyes(:

Thanks for following and commenting, I love you guys!




  1. great the design on it!!...the make looks really pretty and natural on you!

  2. you are such a pretty girl! I love the bangle!! (I wish I could wear bangles, but they always fall off)

    Anyway, the eyeshadow is very pretty as well! Really nice post :)

    xo, gina

  3. Your eye makeup is so pretty! The purple looks so pretty against your skin. :)

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  5. I love you hair!

    - thanks for the blog comment.. i just started yesterday and nearly had a heart attack when i saw someone had commented :)

    <3 Liliana


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