Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I Purchased Last Night

So after reading Karen's blog ( a couple of days ago I found out about a Stila palette that was only 10 dollars. I hadn't ever used Stila products or bought any (until yesterday at Costco and this palette I'm telling you about now). It is a limited edition palette and it will only be on the Stila website until the end of July. It has 4 eyeshadows and a blush. All for 10 bucks! How awesome! I instantly new that I had to have it, as I read the comments people had left on Karen's post about it, I learned that it was only available online not in store. So I continued reading the comments and saw that Stila wanted 8 bucks for shipping, that's almost the cost of the palette! After I saw that I was like well forget about buying that, but I kept scrolling and another comment caught my eye saying that Zappos had them for 10 dollars and the shipping for anything at all on that website is free, no matter how much you spend. I was like 'Yeyyy' I can get it! So my dad ordered it for me , and I can expect it in 4-5 business days. I am super duper excited about it! Here are some pictures of it. This is the link to the post on Karen's blog.

Now for some pictures. The pictures are from the Zappos website.

In case you want to buy this, here is the link:




  1. That's a great palette - the colors look like they would be good for everday looks :)

  2. very cool. btw, you have gorgeous hair.


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