Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dollar General Haul

Hey girlies there happens to be a Dollar General right next to the gym my mom and I go to so we occasionally pop in there so this is what I picked up.

Nail polish remover
LA Colors 12 palette in "Traditional" - does anyone want swatches? They are quite pigmented for how inexpensive they are.
LA Colors nail polish in "Red Stilettos"- I have this on now (I just did my nails) so I will take pictures tomorrow and do a post on it.
Conair Professional paddle brush
E.L.F. Total Face Brush I actually was in the market for something to blend my bronzer with and I am really glad I bought this.

So now to tell you girls about my latest project. Yes the time has finally come to do a Project 10 Pan, and I'm sure most of you are familiar with this but, if you aren't it means I am going to finish up 10 products before I buy any more makeup. Yes you read that right. Oh how this shall be fun, wait no it won't be! It needs to be done, I have so many things that I just don't use often enough.

I'm off to bed but I just wanted to remind you all that I will be having my 75 follower giveaway once I reach well, 75 followers!

I hope you all have a good Monday tomorrow (or for some of you today!)



PS: Check this out just copy and paste it. Marie is having an amazing giveaway and you get to pick out an eyeshadow and lipstick from MAC but she doesn't have many entries so go over there and enter!

Goodnight for real this time!


  1. Aw so jealous you have Dollar General! I would go to America just for that haha xxx

  2. Wow amazing, wish we had a store like that here :)

    Yeah please show us eyeshadow swatches from the LA color palette :)

  3. @Nic- Yeah but it's really hit and miss!

    @ Christine-I will do swatches of it later (:



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