Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Little Update

Hey girlies as I added in a post yesterday (well technically since it is now midnight two days ago) I got contacts for the first time. The first day I was allowed to wear them for four hours, Tuesday six hours, Wednesday eight hours and so on. On Friday I have a check up appointment to see how my eyes are adjusting to them. Also to pick out a new pair of frames. So before I went to this school orientation thing I put on some more of the Nailene Nails in So Natural, I didn't really think about how I would take my contacts out with them! So I was panicking up until 9:30 (when I had to take them out) luckily one fell out (with a little solution) and the other I was able to slide off of the middle of my eye and pick up with the nails. Putting on the nails might not have been the best idea, but I just love them so much! They last about a week but, they may have lasted longer if I hadn't gone swimming two days in a row. Oh well, I just popped on some more.

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  1. When I have long nails I take off contacts hhhmmm... I don't know how to describe it, I'd rather show it, oh well - I'll try my best
    if you're right handed - put your right palm facing your eye and start slightly pressing your ring finger and a thumb (their palm phalanxs, not the top parts) towards each other so that the contact on your pupil was in the middle of this line, and this way you just need to touch the contact on each side just a little bit and it comes off (well, I told you I'll have hard times finding the right words)
    As you just start wearing contacts you might need to hold your eye lids up with the left hand while doing it

    I don't know if it was anyways understandable, but I tried my best!
    Good luck with you contacts!

  2. Thanks, today I ripped one! It was quite frustrating (and a little scary because I thought the other half was in my eye somewhere!). I will try that next time I take mine out, I've been pulling it to the outer corner of my eye and then pinching the contact and taking it out. The good thing is that they are only dailies.


  3. Haha I remember when I first got contacts, I was at the doctor's office for over an hour, and couldn'nt even get one contact into an eye. At least you don't have as much trouble putting them in as I do! But I agree - it is so hard removing them if your nails are even a tiny bit long! Just be careful not to poke yourself accidentally! >.<


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