Monday, February 20, 2012

Haul Time

Hello fashionistas!
This weekend I did some shopping with my mom and aunt. My mom had a 30% coupon for Kohl's because she's has a Kohl's charge so we went there on Sunday. 

 I am in complete love with this dress by Elle. It's sort of color-blocked, which is going to be huge again this season. I'm working on color-blocking, I'm never sure if it looks good on me! I like this because it's already color-blocked and the pattern makes it less obvious. I love the bow belt, cinches in and looks really cute. This dress is really good for my figure. 

 I picked up this blazer that was on mega sale. You guys know I'm such a huge fan of blazers. They are my signature piece! This is a bit big, but I wanted it loose. I didn't have a grey one or a plaid one, so obviously it had to be added my collection! (;

I've also been on the hunt for a colored jacket/blazer. So, I found this rust colored blazer. It's like a lighter fabric, not so structured. It does have a lapel like a blazer, so I'm calling it a blazer! I do not like the way this photographed, it looks so boxy! When I tried it on it wasn't boxy. 

My mom and I ventured over to JcPenny today and I found this adorable shirt for only $9! That's right, single digits! Their new pricing system is kind of weird, but I'm not complaining because if this shirt hadn't been on sale it would have been in the $30-40 range. I like the color because I think it will be really good for spring, a nice pale pastel. I think the gold buttons are super cute. Plus it fits in with my current obsession, bow blouses. 

I needed new shoes really badly, but I've been on the hunt for pointy ("pizza-toe") black heels for awhile. I found a pair that I liked and that were comfortable! These are from Belk. 

Today I worked out and then went with my mom to an eye appointment. I got my new glasses in, I'll put them up in a post sometime next week. I need to get adjusted to them, they were making me dizzy earlier!

I'm off to get ready for tomorrow and watch the Bachelor. 
I'm not looking forward to jumping back into school because of the nice 3 day weekend I've had. Hey, at least it's a shorter week! 




  1. The shirt and dress are so cute! X

  2. Nice haul, that dress is so cute!

  3. you should post a blog about your new glasses, you never posted a picture. You should wear glasses in your posts more often.


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