Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Questions and First Day Recap

Hello girlies, now normally I would've slept in today and enjoyed a lazy breakfast of cereal and I'd have watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians that I DVRed last night but no this was not to be.. Instead I woke up at 7:15 and went to work on my my hair and makeup and going through the motions of getting ready. I easily found my homeroom but the halls were PACKED like no joke, high school halls are so crammed and people just stop in the middle of the halls and hug and laugh. Don't you just love that? Not! Then I went to French which was actually pretty decent (I was only in there for 10 minutes, because normal days there isn't any homeroom). Up next was U.S. Government, which we have a project to do tonight and present- yes you read that right, a 30 second to a minute poster/slideshow. Great right, so after this post I will be doing that. Which luckily I have this class with my best friend Lily, so yeyy! Then I went to Biology which I didn't really like because she made us stand up and say our names and something about ourselves, all I could think was "I'm Savannah and I'm a freshmen", so embarrassing! Then I got to see Lily again in fourth which was English, I like the teacher and it seems like it will be a good class. Next, I went to Geometry where literally I was the ONLY freshmen, all of them were sophomores. I knew no one! The teacher seems nice though. Finally, I went to Pottery/Ceramics 1 which I couldn't find to save my life, and asked multiple teachers turns out I had been saying the wrong number for the room... I am an idiot! That wasn't bad though and the teacher was nice.

Overall not too bad, getting to my classes is just so difficult because of the packed hallways.

This is the what I wore (I know you've seen it in pieces but now it's all together!).

Man the lighting in my bathroom makes me look so washed out! I'm not going to list the products because I can't really remember what I used this morning, sorry!

On to the Monday questions from :

1. Mood: Tired, and I really just want to take a nap but, I have to do my government project.
2. Are you a good typist? Yeah I type a lot, and I somehow just picked it up really well(:

3. Favorite cupcake? I don't discriminate! Haha, I like chocolate, red velvet, or vanilla!
4. Do you remember how you spent your very first paycheck? I haven't had a job yet.
5. What are some of your favorite noises/sounds? I love laughter, when my cat purrs, the ocean lapping against the shore, and many other things.
6. A belonging you would hate to lose? My makeup bag or my wallet.
7. What are some books you remember reading in high school? First day was today, so the only one I've had to read so far was Enders Game by Orson Scott.
8. Leopard print — hot or not? Hot, but not when you mix leopard shoes with a leopard shirt and leopard hair accessories! Small details, like shoes or purses.
9. Outfit? Above
10. Weekly goals: To make it to my classes without consulting my schedule, stay on top of all my assignments, post every other day if I can.

Thanks for following/reading/commenting, I ♥ you all!




  1. US Gov project...yuck. It's great that your best friend is in some of your classes, though!

    And I can empathize about crowded hallways; there are so many people in my school too!

    Sounds like you had a good day--if you need any advice about high school, you can ask me!

    xo, gina

  2. Thanks Gina! I will if I have any questions(: I'm sorta kinda dreading having to present tomorrow!


  3. hope you had a good day at school you looked super stylish and pretty love the side braid +)

  4. @ Curves ahead makeup- Thanks(: It was okay. The best thing about my 'side braid' is that I just twisted two pieces of hair I didn't even braid it!


  5. koool you just been tagged on my blog !!!


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