Saturday, August 21, 2010

Forever 21 and Kohls Back to School Haul

Hello lovelies! You guys must think all I do is shop (at least that's what my mom says you must think!) but, really that isn't true.. Seriously! I actually have a couple of things from other stores that I picked up, and I ordered like 4 more things off of because my sister (and mom) wanted some stuff that wasn't available in stores. Whenever that arrives I'll show you.

First store up Forever 21! One just opened in the big outdoors mall (which I think is a STUPID concept, walking from store to store you are like dripping with sweat in the summer and freezing in the winter) so it was a madhouse! I didn't buy any clothing from here because the dressing room line was like 15 deep, and I like to try on before I buy (unless it's offline obviously). So instead I bought a ton of accessories.

These are the hair accessories that I bought.
Headband: 4.80
Rose and pearl pins: 2.50
Grey pearl pins: 1.50

Two finger ring: 4.80

I love this bracelet, my mom and I agree that it is super unique. It is braided and has like gold chain running through it. ♥

The owl ones aren't for me.
The heart earrings are 3.80

I have a Paris obsession, so of course I had to have it!

My best friend Lily and I have been obsessed with owls ever since we saw these Woodsy Owl public service announcements from the 70's, we have liked owls for over a year now. Wayyyyy before they were super popular, we like to think we predicted a trend! (: The locket necklace actually opens.
Both are 4.80

This is what my sister bought.

Earrings: 3.80
Eyeshadow: 2.80 ( I will be borrowing this!)

Onto the next store, Kohls!

This was 10.80 on sale 70% off (steal!), and you guys have already seen this. I am wearing this for the first day!

14.00 Love this, more interesting then just a plain tee shirt because of the ruffles. And we all know I'm all about dressing up tee shirts, and if you didn't know well now you do!

Sonoma brand tank only 7.00 bucks and I love layer tanks with cardigans.

Next up, Ross. I only got this shrug from there. It really is hit or miss there.


Finally Target.

This was actually on clearance and I fell in love with it, then I realized it was maternity. By then though I didn't even care, it is kinda sheer so I would pair with a grey tank underneath, even though you wouldn't be able to see it. This was $7.00

I casually posed Java while he was sunning himself on my bed. This is Revlon's 'Cherries in the Snow'. I really like it, I have it on my toes and nails. I will do a nail of the day post tomorrow or something. It was $3.50

I just wanted to let you guys know that with school starting up again tomorrow I probably won't have time to post nearly as much.. So I hope you guys don't mind short and to the point posts!
Oh and I have a giveaway planned for once I reach 75 followers. I know 75 is odd but 100 seems really far away and I am already passed 50 so yeahh(:

Wish me luck tomorrow girlies.




  1. oooh, I love everything you got! I absolutely love the shirt you are wearing the first day of school. It's such a perfect combination of casual and dressy--perfect for the first day! I have yet to decide what i'm wearing the first day of school but it's in over two weeks.

    a giveaway sounds fun! you have such an amazing blog! I love any kinds of posts--whether they're straight to the point or not.

    Keep blogging!

    xo, gina

  2. Thanks Gina! I'm nervous yet excited about the first day. My mom and I are picking up my best friend and her mom so we can walk in together!
    And I love your blog too!


  3. Oh gosh, I can't wait to have a F21 near me again. There's one really close to where I'm going to school this year so I'm giddy just reading this! Haha.
    I love your accessories. F21 is awesome for super cute but inexpensive jewelry.

  4. omg love the flower ring !!! great picks thanks for sharing

  5. Love the flower ring and the shirt you are wearing first day of school. great picks :)



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