Friday, August 27, 2010

Outfit of the Day and Makeup of the Day

Hey girlies sorry I slacked yesterday, I had a final draft on an essay for english, a french quiz, and a math quiz today so I was busy studying and such yesterday.

This is what I wore today. Sorry I don't know why but I can't ever keep my hand steady!

Shirt: My mom's
Skirt: Belk
Shoes: Aerosole from Kohls
Earrings: Forever 21
Hair pins: Forever 21

On my toes I have on Sally Hansen Dahlia, love this color.

These are the earrings, they are black rose studs, sorry for the crummy image quality.

Note this is taken at like 9 pm because the one I took before school was a lot better.

On my face I have my usual CG concealer, Physicians Formula powder, Rimmel bronzer in Sunny, NYC creme blush in Plaza Pink, Hard Candy blush in Living Doll.

Up-close eye this WAS taken in the morning.

VS creme shadow as primer, Maybelline Seashell eyeshadow all over the lid, a pale shimmery purple from my Stila road to radiance as my mid-tone and a VS Beauty Rush shadow in some plum shade that I can't recall the name. Stila Smudge Pot on upper lid and Maybelline Falsies on my upper and lower lashes.

Does anyone want to see a tutorial on how I did my hair? Lemme know(:




  1. Great post hope your enjoying school its the weekend rest up !!!!

  2. aww you look so pretty with glowing skin.

  3. @Curves ahead makeup- Thanks, so much homework already!

    @Kristie- Thanks, I hadn't put any makeup on since like noon!


  4. Great post, I love your eye makeup today, it's really flattering to your eyeshape/glasses :)



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