Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outfit of the Day, Number 400

Haha, just kidding.. But it does feel like I've done a lot of these.

I'm so sorry for the crummy lighting. Really sorry!

Shirt: Target
Tank top underneath that you can't see: Kohls
Skirt: Jcpenny (and it is really high waisted but it has pleats in the back yeah)
Bangles: Forever 21

I ended up just wearing my silver gladiators.

Sorry I didn't do an up close on my makeup, I needed to get in the car and leave for school!

Oh and today was WAYYYYYYY better then the last two days. Also we got to work with clay in pottery today(:

I'll probably end up doing another outfit of the day tomorrow. Do you guys like these posts or what kind of posts do you like to read, any suggestions?




  1. I don't think I could manage a school where you have freedom to wear what you want each day I'm such a slob my outfit would consist of a vest top and jeans haha you look lovely as usual! x

  2. cute outfit :)

  3. That skirt is so cute! You always look awesome.

  4. @Curves ahead makeup- Thanks girlie! I meant to do that tag post that you tagged me in but I went there and it wasn't on your blog?

    @GoldenGlow- I don't know what I would possibly do if I had to wear a uniform. Possibly die!

    @Christine- Thanks, I love your profile picture(:

    @Steph- Thanks, I got it at Jcpenny like two years ago. I love that it's ombre.

    Thanks girlies, you guys are so sweet!



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