Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Winnings Arrived!

Hey girlies!
In my last post I asked if you would want to see what I won from that giveaway I posted about last week, a couple of you said you did. So here it is.

Sorry for the bad lighting!

2 Caress body washes in Peaches and Cream and Blackberry and Cream
Susan Faber clutch
Pink Ipod Nano (the latest ones, with the video camera)

I am so happy I won this! I've never, ever won anything before, so this was totally unexpected!

This was where the giveaway was hosted at and it was sponsored by Caress.

Thanks Caress and The Muse!




  1. omg, those are some awesome prizes! i remember seeing this contest on her site but i didn't see there was an ipod in it- that's so cool. enjoy!

  2. congrats awesome prizes! you're lucky and attentive (unlike me, I won a competition for the very first time and didn't notice that I didn't type in my unit number for delivery :)))) oh, well - at least I know I won))))

  3. I can't believe you won an iPod! Lucky! I've never won anything either. Congrats!

  4. Ooh nice prizes! Congrats doll! I want to try the Caress body wash, those scents sound amazing!



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